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Crazy Part V

Morning Coffee

Unknown 10,000 foot peak
Unknown 10,000 foot peak

I was up but not before the sun this morning. I glanced out the tent door and there was a big peak beckoning me.

“No thanks buddy … I dislike heights and bill time is about to expire.”


Reflection [our tent a little speck lower left]
I made myself a bulletproof coffee the best I could being that I was out in the middle of nowhere. And then set out for a little walk about. I decided to go above the tent to have the ability detect my partner’s activity. Not in a creepy way but so she didn’t think I was missing. I wanted to shout and wave upon movement detection. Which meant I was not going far. Just up … a little. To do some reflecting.

End of climb
End of climb

About 9 AM it was time to head back to the tent to partake in coffee version 2.0. And good thing. The “one hand holding the coffee mug” rule had just been broken. I had wedged the cup into a crack so I could take a photo straight up. End of climb!


I don’t know how these thing happen and at first I felt intimidated by my position clinging to a rock. But as I descended I found it easy going. The one hand rule really works. But was it the time or the rule that kept me out of harms way this time? Or was it the fact I am afraid of heights. I shuttered to think of falling out here. The rocks were like shattered glass. Very rugged, much more then I.


I descended pretty quickly. Back to solid footing. I am more comfortable on bedrock. Land or air …. I like dirt the best.


When I got close enough to see camp it appeared there was no movement yet. Ah, my walk about undetected. As if I was still sitting there by the fire circle having my coffee. From here I imagined myself down there. A perspective that was pretty moving. Gosh, how small we are.

2 replies on “Crazy Part V”

What an amazing place that is, it looks so different than any other mountain lakes area I have been to. No wonder it was considered a spiritual place and a place for visioning. Wow….

It is different and that is what I was attempting to portray in my photos. I like the Crazies. It was my second trip there and it seems to me the one place in Montana that is truly unlike Montana or anything in the lower 48 for that matter. It is like a foreign country. Like the moon. Very different.

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