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Crazy Part III


Myself checkin out my surroundings
Myself checkin out my surroundings

Breakfast included some Starbucks via coffee, mct oil, and butter, well for me. My partner is more reasonable and fixed herself some oats and coffee. Over breakfast we discussed day two. Even though this was a bike-packing adventure we decided to stick around camp and take a day off. I was reeling from a back strain and my partner was just plain burned out from walking her bike.


The problem in our position was that if we didn’t take a day off we were at the end of this trail. Unless we wanted to hike our bikes over a 10,000 foot pass without a trail. That didn’t seem like to much fun. I wondered if our first plan to move on to Smeller Lake would ever come to fruition. How could I talk my partner into more hike-a-bike. Hanging around camp seemed like fun for mow.

Bill and Mo's Resort Livin
Bill and Mo’s Resort Livin

Even though we were camping in a place that seemed like Mars we found it pretty comfy. It was like we landed our space craft on this planet and we were marooned. It was pretty cool. No humans. No trees. No one to keep us company but a couple mountain sheep high on the ridge keeping an eye on us.


We did find other guests on our little planet. By slowing down and taking the day off the focus was more on the tiny things we might overlook as we power our way through adventure. Little creatures small and beautiful. Butterflies, bees, and nymphs. A day off … perfect.

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