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Antone Cabin Part III

Oh Hail

Morning Ride

After finally climbing to the top of a mountain peak, something that has eluded me for about two years, I felt a new lease on adventure. I caught the bug again so to speak. So the next morning I was more than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I was outta there, Antone Cabin, and on my bike.

Rough Creek Trail

I headed up again to the saddle just North of Antone Peak. And over that saddle into unknown territory. The morning dew was washing down my tires while mother earth was supplying the clay dirt. This resulted in my tires rolling up the planet like a giant ball of string … but only muddy dirt. Much like my readings of the tour-dividers in the Centennial Valley just South of here. It was so impossible to ride like this.

White Bark

So I found myself many times stopping to scrape off excess mud. Insanely during a beautiful summer morning. So the lesson this morning was that you do not need a rain storm to produce bike disabling mud. Just a heavy morning dew. A few hours later mid-day when I go to the cabin to join my partner in bike ride 2.0 the trails would become popcorn fart dry.


Dry … until a huge hail storm hit half way around the feature ride of the day. It was no silly hail storm. It started out as a rain storm and we huddled under a pine tree. 30 minutes later, cooling down by the minute, we saw it start to hail. Then it hailed harder … then harder … then harder. About an hour later with temperatures in the low 40s we bolted around the second half of the loop. We frantically wanted to warm up and at times hints of an “emergency situation” popped into my head. Why on earth would I bring my beloved partner  out here? Involving her in one of “MY” adventures eventually killing her off?

West Fork Blacktail Deer Crek

The answer came near the end of the ride. We were warm again and watched the last of the storm rip over Antone Peak out of sight.  We were together at the end of an adventure. Survivors witnessing the beauty of nature unfold throughout the day. Yea, life was good … again.  Additionally, which … maybe the most important factor, a campfire, porter, and brats awaiting us at the cabin.

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