Watching a sunset

I can’t tell if I am being a wuss, mentally unstable, or if my thoughts are proper.

Weird experiences tonight. I am realizing the magnitude of the possibility that if I don’t find friends or someone to share things with that I am just wasting life. Communication is so important not only to a relationship but for a human to cope. I can not tell if that is just my schema or dysfunctional thinking.

For those of you who are my friend, and that I find amazing, I just want you to know how much I value your companionship and advice. I really miss having someone to “grip” to to get over a job situation. I also really miss being able to share great moments, a bike ride, and cool daily observances. As I look out the window to a magnificent sunset I cant help but feel extremely sad to experience it alone.

So many times I strive to be out in a beautiful place on an adventure. Is this healthy? And how do I talk someone into going with me … I mean some of the things I want to do is so out of the ordinary in todays culture.

Your Thoughts

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