Crank Project
Crank Project

Kenyon Noble and then Lowes. And I knew deep down I would never find it. A spacer. A simple 9mm spacer for my new crank spider. Why? Well because the stupid bashgaurd that comes with the new spider and chainrings weighs about 3.2 tons. No way I am going to add weight to my bike.  But I do want to spin up hills instead of walking and grunting a big ring. Why oh why does Salsa spec such a large gear on their 29ers.  And don’t call me a weenie. I will rip your legs off and beat you over the head with them.

One last-ditch effort I decided to try Home Depot. Nothing … but wait.  What about these fibre washers.  yea, that will work for now. About an hour later i had the entire thing together and tightened down. the fibre washers showed signs of my tightening efforts. the edges curled under the pressure.  That will work, right?

Why the rush. Well the next day forecast is in the 60s and I want to ride.

This morning I found something I need, but I had to search all over for it. The only thing I could find is a metal bolt setup for downhill bikes that may or may not have a single ring. Thus the spacer to replace that other ring.  And … to replace my 3.2 ton bash guard.  Now I can go fast.

Heading out to Lewis and Clark Caverns to rip some trail …o/o

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