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Just because you can see the path

mountain image
Bridger Mountain Range
Recently a hiking partner and I set forth to hit the summit of Baldy Mountain here in Bozeman. But what got in our way was the day in general. Brilliant sunshine coming into a apartment window can make the mornings preparations slow. I took numerous coffee breaks sitting on the deck in the sunshine.

Then stopping in for “supplies” got out of hand with tantalizing selections at the local food CoOp. We were not at the trail head until like 3pm.

Then we simply forgot the effort involved. I mean I am all in when it comes to efforts but it takes time to climb 3,000 feet in like a mile and a half. After hiking straight up for a couple hours were were on the ridge. But the day was old and summiting would mean a night decent.

So we turned around. Life is romantic when you see it on paper. The path before you looks fun and easy enough. Just wait till you try and live it. Turning around was the best choice on that day. Bacon curry pizza best choice.

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