Gaining bearings

Angry Tree

I would be lying if I said I just got back from the Togwotee Winter Classic. I actually got back a couple of days ago.  I have struggled to come up with stuff to post about. Life is good but my ambition is stormy. like these photos.  I have photos from this weekend but I am so buried in previous photos that it will be years before I can get to the pretty Jackson Hole photos.

Edge of darkness

So today I decided to go rifling through my photos from a snow bike trip to the Big Hole. And I came up with these shots of angry skies. Kind of unsettling but good stuff to post while I try to settle my issues with life and get back on track. Looking at these shots it seems that mother nature was settling some issues of her own.

Frosted Storm

Today I hope to get back to training with one of my favorite regimens. Core!  So much fun.  NOT! Maybe I am just procrastinating my way out of training again.  No, if I learned one thing this weekend it is to get into shape.  I got totally schooled in the bike race.

Mo taking a break

But no worries. I will get back into shape  And I will find my way again.  If this blog shows anything. I have been down this path before.

Your Thoughts

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