Reflection time

Well well well. This just about does it. Tomorrow is New Years eve. 2012 will be in the books. And we will spend it with friends in Seeley lake. So off the top of my head here is my 2012 most notable moments (of course we all know I will go “doh, I forgot so and so”):

  • Finding out that my dream life, to have an adventure partner to share experiences with, has come true …. ahhhhhhh!
  • Last year’s murder ball and snow bike festivities on day 1.
  • First ever relationship to go over one year … and beyond.
  • First time in like 10 years to … do that one thing … with marmuts … nevermind.
  • First ever biathalon … shooting and skiing, can not beat that combo.
  • Chief Joseph Pass ski hut and snow bike to Hogan’s Cabin.
  • First ever snow bike race.
  • First ever S N O W B I K E … what have I been waisting my time with all my life?
  • Another Grizzlyman Race win with Dave C.
  • Rattlesnake bike-pack-a-thon with the Fatty.
  • 24 hour wins at Spokane and Rapeljie, the streak continues.
  • First ever “skipping” of a 24 hour race win defense.
  • First ever bike packing, starting with Flatehead Pass “stay all night in a truck during a blizzard” and coninuing with the bike pack from Bozeman to Toll Mountain and back.
  • Experiencing Ed’s trip into PBS stardom.
  • The Fitzy Barn … being so sick and finishing anyway and my first ever bike packing “race” / fast effort.
  • My first ever titanium 29er bike ….o/o
  • The Beartooth Expadition once again on the Fatty.
  • New camera after blog readers express concern over a new “no image” blog format.
  • 5th Butte 100
  • First ever trip to California an finding a new favorite city … San Fran.
  • First ever bike packing the RMVQ and seeing the first ever “non bill” finisher do it too.
  • Mo … trying to tuck this one in here so I dont get into hot water with exposing her 😉
  • blogging 364 times and counting …

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