Why worry


Sometimes the sun shines and sometimes not. Sometimes the sun shines at just the right time. Like when a looming storm has darkened the skies in the far distance. The sun can break through and illuminate the beautiful things in our path. I think this speaks to life. At times it seems the future is dark. But just focusing on what is in front of you might just be enough to get you through. It is beautiful right now. Why worry about something in the distance. Would it change the future to worry about it now? It is good to just play the next record in the jukebox and enjoy the time at hand.

My fat tires crackled on the gravel as I rolled along. Around cliffs of red tinted sandstone. And the yellow larches giving into winter cast a bright contrast to the dark skies. My bike heavy. Loaded down with camping gear. Maybe it weighs around 80 pounds … I am not sure. The yellow grass surely burned from last summers heat flowing in the breeze. A cold breeze.

I hope the storm holds out. I hope. But no matter. I will just put on my gear and move forward. It will be uncomfortable but why worry now. I look back, where is Mo?

Then I see her, coming around the bend and looking up the trail towards me. With a big grin of course. And I continue.  Into the future.

Your Thoughts

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