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Storming the castles

The Grand Fondo Castle Di Monte was awesome and I couldn’t wait for this year’s installment. Then my partner in crime suggest we do a mountain bike through the Castle Mountains. Or was it my idea?  Don’t know. In any case we started not so early Saturday morning … or was it afternoon.

It all started out like last year. Fall colors, prairies, and lush fields dotted with antelope. And we were warned that it was antelope season as well. We tried every route idea we had but could find no access to the Castles.

We just kept going down the road. The original route. The views were great but we really wanted to get off the road. I just needed to have faith. Faith that we could find dirt.

It was driving us crazy.  every route that we could see on the GOPS didn’t exist in the real world.  In the world of land owners shutting off access to national lands. But I will not go into that topic now. Relief was found when we rolled into Lennep Montana. We found National Forest Service Road 585.

From there we climbed and climbed. We were both in heaven.  Not saying that I condone heaven or even believe in such a place.  And living in Montana is certainly like heaven. But my faith proved to be right and we were finally on dirt.

And it got better from there.  Even a lake, Bonanza Reservoir, which was almost dried up. We went over two passes which netted us some great views.  Encountered snow.  And real cold weather. It was all good.

The route turned out pretty cool. As with most things in life. I guess that is my faith.

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