San Frondo


One Monday I set out to do what I coined as the San Frondo. It all started out innocent enough.  Just go up the street and see what was up there.  I found Buena Vista Park and a high point. It was jungle like and I found some solitude soaking in the mid day sun. Before the day was out I was trekking across the city to capture all the high points. On foot no less.

San Francisco

My second checkpoint was Carona Heights where I started to get different angles on the city. While The Buena Vista summit was made up of dark soil, Carona Heights was a rocky red mound.  Apparently a favorite for dog walkers I found this summit crowded with local folks and one native American tribe who apparently were doing a kind of ceremony.  I skirted around them and took a few photos and headed off to my next destination.


My GPS pointed the way to Mount Olympus but this little summit was one tough find. Finally after walking just about every path near Market Street I finally stumbled upon some trail signs, one of them pointing to a staircase.  It looked like I was going to someone’s back yard but it came out on a street above and in the middle was this mound.  Mount Olympus. Ha, my smallest summit.  Then it was off to Twin Peaks.


Twin Peaks was highly anticipated and as I climbed its side I popped out to a huge crowd of photo takers and tourists.  I immediately jumped back over the stone fence and headed to the other peaks along it’s ridgeline.  I finally found a summit with room and sat down to twitter my position. My farthest summit was yet to come and I wondered if I could pull it off. It looked far across a couple neighborhoods.  But when do I just do something modest.  I headed out on a quick gaunter to capture my 5th high point Mount Davidson.


There was no one on Mount Davidson, at least at first I figured I was alone.  It had a great view and I sat down upon a concrete slab to rest my weary feet.  I had a long way to get back and I wanted to bag the highest point, Mt Sutro. But on the way down I was torn between checking out all the muddy single-track and some screaming maniac back on the hill.  A first I thought he was hurt but upon further investigation I found a big cross and a dude playing Rambo near it.  I scurried down and off the mountain and headed across the neighborhood I had just hours before traversed.


It took me a while but I was having fun.  Even with my feet starting to ache I was enjoying my big adventure.  I planned to end the day with at least a half marathon.  And in barefoot shoes a feat (um no pun intended) in and itself. I soon was walking off the top of Sutro after meeting a couple mountain bike dudes on the top.  And I could see why they were there. The single track was awesome and the hike down made me salivate for some fat tire action.


I finished the day touching the edge of Golden Gate State Park and making my way back to my friends house along the Panhandle Park.  I finished off a 13 mile day with a couple slices. A good day in ol San Fran. 

Now that I am back at home I long for the care free walks in the city.  Back to work … yuk …o/o

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