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Last best time

We only have been in San Francisco for around 4 hours before we were whisked away to the Marin area for a hike. I know now how valuable this hike was but at the time it was the beginning of the weekend and I had so much to look forward to.  Sometimes you look back and realize that you totally took an experience for granated. And once again I am guilty.

This morning I awoke early, my usual, and put on some espresso.  It is “Bill Time” but today is different.  Instead of having about 4 hours to play by myself I have all day.  For that distinct reason I don’t have any ambition.  As I sit here under morning stars I wish I could go back to that Saturday a week ago and re-do the hike with Mo and Leah. And spend more time hanging by the pools and enjoying their company. It all went by so fast.

I am going on 7 days since our separation, forced upon us by the evil empire of societal force work camps. My best friend was ripped away and forced to slavery. I was barely able to get away. And now a week later I want to go back to that evening and enjoy our hike again. Our hike when we were naive to what was going down in the morning.

Tomorrow I go on the straight and narrow and turn myself in to society to serve out my term. In a way I am glad.  Because freedom without anyone is total bondage.

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