What makes a good friend

I feel like a bad friend. I go visiting and end up pouting most of the time.  Why pout?  I miss someone…pure and simple. I know, childish, highschoolish, or just plain weak. When asked what my goals were for my vacation I came up with nothing.  So what does a good friend do?  Suggest a ride and get me outdoors.


This friend knows that eventually one would start bike-pouting and go on a body destroy mission. You see when you go hard enough, long enough, you will eventually not really care much and the world become a more palatable place. And what makes a really good friend. One that goes out on these rides even though she just came back from a whirlwind Europe adventure rendering her fatigued.  And then to top it all off continuously produces the biggest smile even on top of the big climbs.


But bike-pouting usually is all about unfocused riding.  So my friend points out and guides me to the most beautiful places.  Sometimes the beauty can be healing but to share it with a good friend really makes it even more enriched.


Good friends also may know what you are about.  Me, I am a sucker for photos. I get in certain places and can spend hours trying to get the perfect render of what I believe symbolizes a place.  One such place was a cool beach overlook.


Good friends will wait patiently as you try and capture each element of a special place. Like the sun shining of crashing waves. The world can be so beautiful if you can just get distracted from what ails you at a specific time for a moment. When you slow down, stop, and start looking, there are all kinds of cool stuff.


What is bike-pouting the reader is undoubtedly asking right now. The reader usually being me but sometimes others stop in to read my blog.  Anyway, back to my paragraph, bike-pouting. It is a simple phrase my friend coined for times when I get focused on riding until I feel I am over “something” and then return home. Sometimes after surviving blizzards or death marches to the top of ridges in the middle of the night.  That is what good friends do as well…coin little phrases that defines you.  I am a bike-pouter.


Maybe I am just a sucker from dramatics.  Maybe I just strive for attention.  In any case a stop at a beautiful location is just what I needed today. The rest of the ride would be cake.


Speaking of cake…a good friend always has underlying motives. The reason you are friends is that you enjoy some of the same things. When a underlying motive to, let say to stop at the coolest iconic rest stop, comes to fruition then it can be the coolest surprise. Like a cool bike stop shop that takes cash on a honor  system for cool goodies.  How can I pout when there is so much coolness on a ride?


But then a good friend knows when to release the hounds.   It usually goes like, “This is a long climb … boy, I just am not feeling it, why don’t you just go ahead and climb at your own pace”.


An I was off to bike-pout.  It was a awesome climb. Thanks Jill.

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