Despite the smoke

I showed up for the Wednesday Night Round House Ride at Chestnut Mountain.

“Any body seen Buck Mule?”


“Ryan Buck?”

“I think he is sick”, another person kicked in.  This group was young and I didnt know anyone.  I snapped off a twitter photo and before i could put my phone in my bag they were off. No worries i would catch them.  And one by one I did.

At each stop I patiently waited for the group to keep going.  I really didnt know anyone and they all seemed to know each other so i ket out of their converstaion.

At the top of Chestnut there was a gathering and it seemed they were turning around. I started off to the North, towards the smoke.

“Which way are you going”, someone asked.

“I think I am going to go exploring.”

“Good luck”

“Thanks”, I was just glad they started talking to me.  i contemplated going back down with them but really wanted to try something new. On the way down the backside of Chestnut I spotted the source of all the smoke in Bozeman.  A big flame party at Twin Pines and one it seems in Hyalite.  I got out after dark. After startling moose and almost hitting a bear.  Ah, the best company.

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