Revision 2.0

Rattlesnake BridgeRevision 1.0

Tomorrow we will return to our usual programming of race reports and interesting adventures. I got 9th at the Butte 100 but more on that later. I was up all night revising my optimal number theory. Starting with a bike pouting session, then a return home due to feeling wore out. Then it came to me, my old way of dealing with things. A blog post. Writing stuff out. Surely it will help me sleep. And if I fall asleep after writing this I can post upon my waking.

First lets visit the setting of revision 1. Again we have a “lost day”, that day being yesterday. Or is that today. Oh wait! I stayed up all night so maybe it is still yesterday. Whoa …

The main suggestion is that the number two being optimal, more so then single and group. But this needed more research. And now a year later I have new data. And the comparison again will be mountains. Because just by being in them helps you discover it’s parallel to life. Life itself maybe. That is another theory.

I am not revising this main suggestion just yet, just a discovery that other entities may influence optimal number. Unless you are solo that is. Nothing affects you. And this is where I am focusing right now.

So then back to our mountain study. I reported that two peaks are better then one. There are times when you must single out one peak to fully enjoy it’s beauty. As in life, we need to be left to our own magnitude so we can grow on our own. To shine. To overcome our difficulties. What is best though, to be defined by the mountain range we are in OR by what we bring to them.

I am guilty of trying to shine as the main peak in the past but lately I have collected data as being a part of a range. I have learned that I must pull into the shadows and let others grow though. This is new stuff and highly unexpected. Maybe the other mountain or mountains will grow and change the theory.  Maybe the optimal number theory is too dynamic and not a theory at all. Maybe I will permanently crumble into a high alpine lake. It’s really up to those around me. And this is my discovery.

So solo may really be the way to go, right?  How can we remain the mountain that we are with others dictating our existence. Do we even need to stand out? Even though we may be better people together, a better “range” then a mountain alone, the together or “range” must be participated upon by all entities. If one entity needs to find it’s own grandeur and strikes out alone then the others are left frustrated. The range fractured. Then a valley forms.

What about the meaning and fulfilling joy of sharing our journey or range with others? That still holds true. This is the wormhole however. Can a mountain range be a range with just one mountain … well no. But more mountains surely make things beautiful but many can dilute some quality elements of it’s mountains.

But all of this is still out for debate. Revision 2.0 just adds another perspective with new data after a year of research. So where am I going with this? It is optimal to be a single dominating mountain or be involved in a range? This will require more data.

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