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Trail, storm, and folk festivals

This is a second blog post in a series of three (1st one) about my weekend adventure.

Something like rain simply sucks … sometimes.  If it interrupts a ride with the introduction of hypothermia. And then on the other end of lifes spectrum a trail found is worth a million gold bouillon. Then there are things out there that I just could go either way on like festivals.  Add all these little life elements and make the setting Butte Montana and you will have a great weekend.

It all started with a Saturday wake up call at around 1pm. Hey, I run a strict camp. An afternoon bike ride was in order.  I wanted to introduce my partner in crime to the CDT but that did not happen. Instead we felt our way around camp and than got sidetracked on a trail called Moose Creek or something like that. It wasn’t long before we got chased back to camp by a mean looking thunder storm.

The next day I was determined to make the CDT thing happen but on our way up to Pipestone Pass we encountered two storms which dumped an inch of rain each.  After hiding under trees for several hours we concluded that a dash for camp was necessary.  Once back at camp and quickie car ride into Butte took us to the Butte Folk Festival.

We grabbed a burger and beer and then jaunted up the street to catch the remaining act. Dancing is a funny thing.  For me the urge to dance is very rare but on occasion I can let it loose. But not today. Instead I watched my friends feel the vibe and put it down in Butte.

And that was as fantastic as a weekend can get.  Well it does get even more  fun because I am leaving out some of the little details.  Like brats, beer, camp fires, discussions to figure out the worlds lack of NOT working. All in Butte, a city no one wants to admit is cool.

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