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Was today a mistake?

This morning I took a little longer way to work. I was riding my El marachi Ti and I was trying to figure out what was on my mind.  This is a important day.  “What happened today”, I thought to myself. July 12th … right? Oh yea …

Last year today I was at the Bridge Pizza in Missoula Montana. My beetle was packed to the brim and this was my last stop before leaving town.  And I WAS leaving town … literally. I was moving to Bozeman and this was the last time I would be eating pizza as a Missoula resident.  It was my last stop.  As I left and headed across the street to my car a new friend Mo Mislivets biked by, no doubt comming from LePette with a latte in hand.

“Mo”, I yelled.

With that she hit the skids and turned around to chat with me.  I explained I was heading out and was going to live in Bozeman. She had some experience in Bozeman so I got the low down on where to recreate. She suggested I try Hyalite and remarked that there was great cross country sking. I bid adew and drove away from Missoula.

As I drove through Milltown something in the pit of my stomach was brewing.  It was like I swallowed a handfull of Exederine without eating.  It was burning. It was emotional.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I was making a huge mistake and determined that indeed I was. I was driving away from unturned stones and more possabilities and opportunities perhaps.  But what could I do?  I had committed to a job in bozeman and had an apartment. I drove on…

Now as I approach work I look down to my top tube with the same feeling. But wait. look at what I have. A fatbike and a titanuium 29er.  Everything I wanted right?  Well not everything. I still feel I left something important in Missoula. Did I make a mistake?

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