Good bikepacking tips

Last Thursday I wrote, “It’s not my first choice for adventure, more like my 75th choice”. I was talking about the weekends plans to go bikepacking, or should I say fattybikepacking. Now that I have done my 75th choice I can say it has moved up to say … like … maybe 60th now. Not 1st like the coast of Alaska or even the new 75th a road ride on some dirt road in Melstone but a little more exciting. And I ‘fine tuned’ or ‘practiced’ my bikepacking experience. With that I think I should share my tips with the interwebs.


Any good bikepacking project should include a late start. To insure a late start work all day come home and then try to get your shit together.  It is tough.  But if you can pull it off and maybe get rolling at around … say … 11 PM the night ride in direct moonlight is surreal and very fun. In fact it is so much fun don’t take the first camping spot available, No. Go until your ready to pass out and the excitement of the trip is totally wore off.  Pick the absolute last available spot before a large climb or canyon and crash out.  Hard.


On day 2 you need to pull out all the stops for your bikepacking trip.  To start things off with some excitement maybe peak out the tent door to come face to face with a bear. For extra fun and excitement feel free to chase said bear away numerous times while you try packing up camp. The little fella is probably waiting for you to pull your food bag out of the trees so make sure you keep some bear spray handy. This ensures that day 2 outshines the first night in the excitement category.


Once you have left the initial camping spot and found a nice place by the creek pull everything back out to have some breakfast.  What I find pretty tasty is a pemmican bar with some Starbucks Via packets.   Like 2 packets per cup. I have friends that suggest 3 but that is just crazy. Get all juiced up for the main trek of the day.


For the main trek up some valley make sure you include enough climbing. This way all the rest stops at waterfalls and scenic spots are appreciated.  If you get to your camp  and still feel randy then a side hike and brats by the fire are in order. Do enough activities that you simply crash hard on night two. The perfect slumber is one that comes on unexpectedly. Caution should be taken though  to not drink to much gin as waking up can be painful from such follies.


Day three you are going to undo all that you  have done in terms of progress into the wilderness (unless you take three days off). Make sure you include another side hike so that you don’t get out of the woods to early.  It’s a long trek back to civilization but all downhill … well … mostly. Then as darkness falls get separated from the rest of the party so you can include a ‘extra time trail’ back to the trail head and back.  You’ll be happy to see everyone when you finally find them.  That’s it. Go out and practice, practice, practice.

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