Day 2 from the other side

Yesterday was a great ride but actually I was unsuccessful at completing my goal of riding from Middle Cottonwood to Truman Gulch. So today I tried again … in reverse.

So I rode up Truman Gulch Trail. IT started out the exact opposite as yesterday.  It was nice out in the morning and the weather deteriorated as I continued.


When I hit the 18th mile it was obvious I was not going to be successful today either.  It was a full out blizzard around 7000 feet and at 34 degrees quite dangerous if I broke down.


So just 400 feet higher, which took me 30 minutes to slog I turned around. I shivered violently the last hour descending into town in a downpour.  Again I had a date at noon.  Always good to have a date when your done adventuring.

Your Thoughts

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