Food crime

First off I am neither condoning or suggesting this type of behavior.  But if one does find themselves in a position to consume lots of calories and they would like to … maybe break a few rules … one should be located in Bozeman. My partner in crime (who I am protecting the identity of) and I cased a joint called Ted’s. Then one sunny afternoon we went in for the crime.

Crime is always fun when the aesthetics are fun.  It is like the bonus to mountain biking. The scenery is beautiful. At Ted’s it was interesting. But we were there for business and soon it came.

The best burger I have ever had … period. Look out for the police though … it’s hard to run on a full stomach.

2 thoughts on “Food crime

  1. yeah , see here, gotta watch them coppers … a full stomached mountain biker don’t run so good, just as a three legged cat don’t stand so good, yeah yeah, hey Bugsy, case that joint and grab me an onion ring … see.

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