Tale of 2 worlds

The first world high atop the mountains have unpredictable weather and lofty views.  I like this world the best. I am away from this world right now and think that when I return I will return for good.  No more traveling for a while.

I spend a lot of time in that world … in fact I made it my home. Or will make it my home. And now I must return to that land.  But on the way I shall stop at another world.

Ahhh … the other world. A world of dirt and predictable weather.  I travel to this world often to ride my bike … when the other is re-arranging house.

2 thoughts on “Tale of 2 worlds

  1. Nice Lid! You are getting pretty good at those photos with the new camera. Been enjoying them. Congrats to you and Dave on the adventure race! Cheers, ~G

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