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Barking Spider part 1

Every year we pass this waterfall as we drive down route 12 into Idaho.  I always gauge the amount of water coming off the rocks to consider how wet the spring is.  I am no hydrologist or even care how our snow pack is.  I just kind of take note. On this trip I made note that is was a minimal run-off year.  Maybe a good sign for next weeks Grizzlyman Adventure Race.

I also use the first race of the season to gauge how my spring is going. How my fitness is going as you will.  When the gun went off I surged to the front of the pack.  It took me like 5 miles to finally see the race leaders.  And also it is good to note that the pros take off 1 minute before we did.  So it was good to see them just ahead as well.  I just needed to reel them in. If I could do that I would win the race.  Just like in years past. Last year this worked out quite well and I was able to correctly gauge my fitness as “superb”.

At the end of the first lap I pulled ahead of everyone except the lone group of 4 pros about 30 seconds ahead.  I could see them across the desert plain and I surged to try and catch up as aggressively as I could.  This would insure a demoralization for those that tried to follow.  So I punched the surge button … and then punched it again.

The verdict … nothing. In fact I kept pushing the surge button. Each time my rockets fired and I surged a little but the pace didn’t sustain.  Then on a hill everyone that I had worked so hard to catch started to trickle past me.  But all was not lost.  I was on a new bike and my gearing needed tweaking.  I was sure I could catch back up and re-pass everyone and then go on to catch the leaders.  I just needed a rest.

Then on a corner the leader crashed and we all burst past him.  This is it I thought.  Grab the race by the horns and run with it.

So I punched the surge button … click … click …. click … CLICK

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