Long slog

Tonight’s ride resembles life in many ways. On Friday I am driving to another town to help someone that is having surgery. I will be gone for a week and they will not be back to adventuring for 6 months. It is depressing and hard to deal with the fact that they could go from super active to basically a sedentary life. I certainly can not imagine how she feels. Sure there is the rehabilitation and that is like training. So maybe that could be fun although I suspect not. But so was the beginning of tonight’s ride.  I started out slogging for two hours but in the end I was afforded extreme beauty and a fun ride down the hill. But it was a long slog up.

I selected my ride from a list of snowmobile routes and Olsen Creek was it.  It was muddy where I parked my car and I had serious doubts if I was even going to ride on snow.  By the time I reached the trailhead I was on snow and it seemed the rest of the ride would be good.  It is like when you first get an injury. You know it is bad but you have this tiny hope that is isn’t as bad as it seems. I am guilty of even working out the next day when clearly there is damage.  It’s called denial.  I was in denial as I rode up the trail.

The struggle to keep on my bike ended when I sunk my front wheel in a rut. A rut where an snowmobile obviously miscalculated the conditions like I had. It was real warm and the snow, even though packed, would not hold me.  I spun through the slush at the beginning but now it was obvious I either had to walk the bike or go back. So comparing it to a life changing injury this is where I fail. The person I am helping went to a doctor and immediately signed up for surgery. Me?  Well I have a history of never seeing a doctor.  I just head back home and wait it out.  Just like today heading back to the car I could of found another ride or I could of waited there until the trail was rideable which could be never. So I decided to charge ahead for the full workout. This could mean running the bike for a couple hours. I shivered at the possibility.

There were times I could ride but for just mere feet. Then I had to get off and start walking again. Sometimes even falling over … have you ever gotten off a snow bike in knee deep snow? Like an injury there are setbacks.  But in the end I did manage to climb into some great viewing angles of the Bridger Range and the ride down was fabulous.  Somehow I hope that my best friend will heal quickly but I know we have a long slog ahead.  The rewards will be worth the effort to come out of this stronger though.

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