Today I have been at MSU for 6 months. What does this mean? Well it means I now have something like 60 hours vacation time and 40 hours sick leave.  I am a full fledged MSU employee. So for starters I decided to take a big lunch and go on a training mission.

Since I started training for the 2012 season I have been totally overwhelmed.  If I am not working I am training. That used to be ok. But now I travel to Missoula every weekend to be with someone special.  So add 40 hours of work plus 20 hours of training and then throw in 6 hours of travel.  What this comes out to is burn out.  I feel the burn out coming on.

So I am contemplating decisions. The very thing that allows me to free my mind is one thing on the chopping block.  While training I am able to clear my mind and think about what is important.  So what should go. Training and racing? Quit this fabulous job and get something in Missoula?  End my trips to Missoula?

So far ending the trips to Missoula is out of the question but cycling is so important I would change if I gave that up.  So this very flexible job is on the cutting board for now but don’t worry.  I am hoping that time will expose the correct path.  I just have to keep on slogging along.

So after work I am off for workout #2 which includes 3 tempo intervals.  After that I need to go home and do a core workout in the pain lab.

As tomorrow approaches I must wax my skate skis for some mid-day intervals up Bozeman Creek. Hold on.  When will I have time to wax the skis?  They are in grave need because our last skate ski at Lolo Pass was painful with skis that wont slide.

Funny thing is.  I am overwhelmed by all good stuff. None of this is bad.  It is all good.  I am pinching myself every day about how well things are going.  But yes … you can have too much of a good thing.

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