Down the path to another season

It seems like yesterday when we were in Zion and now I am just entering a new training plan to prepare for 2012. Everything is pretty much in place for the season. A 50K skate ski race and a couple snow bike races to start off with. Oh yea! Did I say one of those snow bike races will be a 24 hour race.  Then it will be the usual fare of a adventure race, some cross country mountain bike races, and of course the 24 hour races I want to defend.  Throw in a couple 100 mile races and maybe the Devils Backbone run for good measure.

I started it all off last night with some core which in the end made me feel like a old man and not some racer dude. I kind of feel like a old tree shedding its old crusty leaves to grow again once the spring comes around.

For this weekend I plan on getting some skate skiing done and pop in at Billings to surprise my mom for her birthday by cooking her dinner (she does not know and does not have internet so if I catch anyone calling her and spoiling the surprise you will be hurt beyond any pain you have ever experienced. Then I will let you live).

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