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I got that lovin feeling

Tonight I went on a great ride From Middle Cottonwood to Sypes via the Foothills Trail. I can not remember when I felt like this last but I have my mojo back. When I go riding I get this euphoric love feeling. I love to just go riding. When I am out there I feel happy and content.  And with trails like these I am in love with Bozeman. That is what I felt tonight. On a trail new to me.

Sorry about the short post. I am tired and was just up waiting to talk to a friend so I thought I would post the only two photos I took today.  At least I posted. It counts. Right?

2 replies on “I got that lovin feeling”

The latest Ed of “Dirt Rag” wrote a 24 hr race story reminding me of your “the Shadow” write up. Got a bit of a laugh out of that. Is it ski season yet?

Almost ski season. I was in a place this weekend you could of skied on this years snow still. In the Absorka. Cant wait to catch up with you in the future. maybe this weekend.

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