Rocky Trail

“Where are you going tonight”, Rich asked me as we took in the live band at Cataplooza today.

“I am going to try and find the Upper Cottonwood Trail”.

“You know, I have heard that it is rocky”.

I have heard this before and I almost said something in return but decided to just keep it to myself. One thing I knew and that was I was going to do my darkest to ride that so called rocky trail. The challenge was on.

And Rich was right. The rock gardens were bigger then anything I have encountered in Montana and rivaled the Connecticut single-track of prior days on the East Coast. Still though I tried. And I flailed almost walking the entire way about half way up the gulch. I turned around only because I had a phone date and needed to get back home. No, that was my excuse. In reality the trail beat me and I just didn’t want to walk and hold my bike on my shoulder any longer.

“Another day so called rocky trail … I’ll be back”, I said as I wheeled around and jumped on my bike.

The ride down was a different story. I rod the entire thing and was rewarded with the most beautiful sunset near the trailhead. Goes to show that when things seem to fail it can turn around in a instant. Another trail …. new to me.

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