New Love

I left work facing a weekend that barring any surprise visits will be my first alone weekend at home in Bozeman. I felt kind of sad because I was trying to schedule another weekend like last. But a trip down the canyon on the South side of Bozeman has renewed my enthusiasm. As I sit now in my living room looking at a trail map I just obtained from REI my heart is leaping with excitement. There are literally hundreds of trails and epic adventured around these parts.

I zipped home from work and exchanged my bike for my trail runners. I arrived at Hylite Lake about 25 minutes after leaving my apartment. Getting there was simple. Just drive up 18th, the street next to my apartment, take a left on Hylite Lake Road and follow it to the lake. I cant believe I live so close to paradise. I almost had flashbacks to being in Canmore and Alaska. It was that cool.

Near the end of the lake I could see the drainages that I will be mountain biking up this weekend. To the Left is the  Emerald Lake drainage and tomorrow’s destination. Then to the right is the way to Hylite Peak for Sunday’s frolic. Up the valleys are snowy expanses of high peaks and razor sharp ridges. Like a mini Glacier park right in my back yard.


I arrived at the first trailhead that had the word “Falls” in it. I am a sucker for water falls. I grabbed my Carbo Rocket and camera then started running up the path. The falls were not that far up the path and I was really amazed at the size of the drop. I noticed a trail up the side and headed up to get a better perspective. That is when mishap 2.0 happened.

Keep in mind that last week I came out of the woods late after a fall running up in Truman Gulch. Well tonight instead of falling on my face I fell on my ass. I was climbing some sharp rocks when I misjudged a rocks location and fell backwards and onto my back landing on a sharp rock. Now I have this grapefruit bulge on the bottom of my spine. As I lay there wriggling in pain all I could think about is if I ruined my weekend of biking.

I heard some voices coming up the trail so I quickly regained my composure and faked like I was enjoying the view. I took a couple more glances at the waterfall and started to jog back to the car. As soon as I got out of sight of the hikers I started running with a limp as to accommodate my new ouchy ass.

Now back at home the pain in my back is not at the forefront of my focus. My focus is on a map laid out on the living room floor. New excitement and possibilities. I am no longer alone.

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