The art of skidding


UPDATE: My parallel universe buddy!

I live in a parallel universe. I share my parallel with a good friend. So I was not surprised to learn that my friend visited the emergency room just moments after I posted via social networks about my “mishap” while running. My little injury instantly went to the back seat of my friend’s who obviously had a much larger “mishap”.

I am going hiking this weekend so Thursday was fraught with preparing, shopping, and trying to fit in a small workout. I decided upon Truman Gulch for my trail run and drove out knowing full well that it was getting late. I brought along my replacement bulb for my car’s headlamp so that I could show the police when I got stopped that I intended on replacing my burned out headlamp. It was an hour before dark when I set out up Truman Gulch.

At first I was not committed to a full adventure. I was up there to find a new trail-head … check … and then squeeze in a workout. I was already late so maybe just a short burst up the trail to see what it is like. I wanted to run. I don’t know what it is about a trail but I either want to ride it or run it. I just don’t like the idea of a slowpoke hike. So I started jaunting up the trail. Then I relaxed. I heard the stream gurgling and wind whispering through the pines. Some mountain bikers came bouncing by and even a couple motor bikes. And I ran. And ran. And forgot about time.

Well, it got dark and the sudden need to squint and see rocks awakened me out of my mountain lovemaking trance. I turned and headed downhill. Not long after turning around I kicked a rock and started the trip to the ground. I am a big fan of rolling out a crash. I duck and roll. Usually nothing comes of a good roll. But this time as hard as I tried to tuck …  I skidded. I skidded on my elbows and knees. And I will say that skidding hurts way more then rolling.

After some time groaning and getting off the ground like I was Evil Knievel or something I started to stumble my way back to the car. I thought about my friend and how she seems to find the ground way to often while running trail. I giggled to myself to think I was just like here. But little did I know she was actually at the same time being patched up for a more serious fall. I started to feel moisture hitting my right calf. I thought, “great, broke my water bottle … oh no … and probably my camera”. I reached around and found nothing had been smashed as far as I could tell. I whipped at my calf with my hand ….. blood.  Oh gosh … that elbow sure started hurting more after that discovery.  Funny how that works.

Back at the car I decided to put in my headlamp. I mean it is good to have headlamps on your car if you drive at night. So by the time I stumbled around with my tiny LED key-chain light (my friend gave it to me in a Christmas stocking) and fixed my headlamp it was REAL late. Then add to that a drive home, some feasting, and a head bob or two on the couch I retired to the bedroom. First though, feeling guilty I didn’t blog, I posted to Twitter, “Just got back, went trail running, had a bit of a fall…”. Only mere seconds of the posting I noticed my friend was up late/early too. Bigger mishap though.

Heal up fast Jill.

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