First ride in Bozeman

I don’t know what happened to the relaxed and easy approach to introducing myself to my new surroundings. I was so relaxed that I didn’t leave Missoula until 1ish depending upon who you talk to. In any case I planned to go at the new adventures slow as to savor the experience. That is until I got off the second exit on I90 in Bozeman. I had one foot out my car door and immediately we needed to “get ready” for the “three sandwich ride”. In Missoula lingo, Thursday night ride. But this was no TNR.  It started out innocent enough, a climb up the Leverich canyon trail.

Soon we reached what seemed to be the top, I say “seemed”, we would climb more later. Around 2,000 feet up we ran into a old mine. After that and some more climbing, then we began the “Moser Maze” trail. When I saw a sign indicating mileage of 4, 8, and 9 I knew I was in for some riding.  We had already done like 15 miles and given I just finished a 24 hour race I was willing to turn back and start preparing for my apartment hunt. Hogwash … this is your first ride.

After the “Moser Maze” and some more tough climbing we rallied at the top of the “Time Warp”. That “Time Warp” was so much fun. Including “roots”, a term we just didn’t have in Missoula. It was great. And just like the TNR in Missoula we had a meet up with the “other group”. Some things never change.

Next up was the “Cow Pasture” or was it “Cow Prairie”, or maybe the “Cow Trail” Well, whatever, it was fun and reminded me of Spring Gulch in Missoula where the worn single track was mischievously tricky and could result in a wash out if one was not careful. And there was the not so careful header into the mud. Not me, but someone else who I may add was warned about the “swampy section”. About 36 miles later as the sun was about to set we were barreling down the “Sourdough” trail being cautious for hikers, of course.

So my first day in Bozeman had nothing to do with finding a apartment and everything to do with my first ride. I cant wait for some solo journeys to discover some more of these areas. As much as I love group rides the excitement of discovering things on my own is pretty fun too.

OK … time to find a place to hang my bike.

One thought on “First ride in Bozeman

  1. Wow, looks so nice. I so miss MT…I so miss you. Sorry I have been focused here…but it hasn’t been a choice. This is cruch week and I have to now have all my stuff out of the house by Sunday. And…I have WAY much at work to get done…yuck. Then I hit the road for some place…other then here. Time for a break and space and peace for once….

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