Momentum theory

Talking Mo into something

I have 4 days of work at Univision left and a 3 day weekend in front of me.  Usually I would be ready, packed, and prepared to get into the woods for some adventure. Instead here I sit at City Brew in kind of a post 24 hour race fog without direction. I do yearn for lakes, rivers, mountains, trails, and camp fires. But with so much moving stuff pending it is hard to focus on just relaxing. It has got me in a funk.

I figured if I could put together a plan to do some outdoors activities with friends then I would be forced to get out and enjoy. But too late for that, everyone has already found things to do. So here I sit at City Brew ready to walk back home to unpack from last weekend.

I could do chores.  Get caught up on my training stuff and get a new training plan in place. Maybe do some online apartment hunting. My bikes do need cleaning, extensive trip to the car wash, type of cleaning. Then I could stop by Target and get some plastic bins for my new great idea.

Oh! My new idea? Instead of card board boxes I plan on getting three giant plastic bins. One for the kitchen, one for the living room, and one for bedroom and bath. Just three. And then give or throw away the rest. Imagine moving with furniture, bikes, and just three bins.  That is my goal. In fact I have been entertaining the idea of moving by bike and just leaving everything behind for anyone who wants it.

Maybe I’ll just go home and start packing for those bins or better yet get my car cleaned up. I think the best plan is just to step one foot out the door and begin walking. Walking will lead to new adventure or at the very least getting something done. Going with the momentum theory. Carry on …o/o

3 thoughts on “Momentum theory

  1. Do it, and you will never regret it. My girlfriend Melissa and I moved to Missoula from Flagstaff by bike… hauling everything we needed for a 1000 mile bike tour, along with any of our possessions we figured we couldn’t do without. Turns out in the end there weren’t many of those. We aren’t very materialistic, but the accomplishment of a move like that by bike is something we will carry with us for a lifetime. Good luck, Bill. I’ve been enjoying following your stories here, and will continue to do so.

  2. Micheal, I know I have read your blog. I find that amazing. So you must of bought all new furniture … basically everything except certain memorabilia. Pretty intriguing. I imagine if I had 26 bobs strung together.

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