"Be Brave, Be Strong" review

A Journey Across the Great Divide

I dislike book reviews mostly because I had to do them in school. But Jill is my friend and I feel she has put out a great book so naturally I want to join in with some of the great book reviewers. I certainly hope I do this book justice. Here are my thoughts …

This story is not like a book one would normally read in fact at times I felt uneasy that maybe I was reading someone’s personal diary. It doesn’t follow the normal “big title” or spendy best seller mold. It is enduring, insightful, and brutally honest. You will find a vulnerable human as the main character who instead of hiding jumps out and confronts the very things that she fears. Attacks it and confronts challenges that takes her beyond her comfort zone and into a world of understanding and realization.

Most people fear solitude after a breakup but Jill dives into the worlds longest mountain bike race that is nothing but solitude and hardship. She realizes that the world is complex and cruel but it is simple and beautiful as well. She discovers that love can come from many different sources. Her struggle against the winds of life become a tail wind into confidence and independence.

I told Jill once she has a different drive then most athletes. Most people are competitive and fueling it is the fear of losing. She is like a grizzly bear and the things that intimidate her she confronts head on quite aggressively. And although she puts herself into many predicaments that could end her life she preservers. In the end she stands alone controlling her destiny with a foundation of her family and friends.

You get the feeling she does not feel she is an athlete but within her beats the heart of a true competitor. She drives herself into the ground trying to beat “the record”. The story ends at the border and Jill is triumphant although slightly disappointed. But after reading this book the reader realizes is that it is the journey that was fulfilling. The journey that brings us through her pain and brings us many moments of laughter with her unusual quirky humor. I would suggest that this book is 35% tears, 45% adventure, and 20% all out laughing.

Life is a wheel, a journey that comes full circle. You fall apart just to put things back together the way you want them. In the end this is what makes you, you. And Jill portrays her personal journey in this book which in turn enriches its readers with new perspectives and the ultimate inspiration.

Title: “Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide”
Author: Jill Homer
ISBN: 978-1-257-65858-9
Pages: 308
Price: $17.95 hardcopy, $8.95 eBook

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