Shannon Ridge


The sink is emitting a low hissing sound and I am embarking on a 6 hour training ride in Marshall Canyon. I am about to fill my Carbo Rocket bottles but feel the need to post a little something from yesterday. I went on a exploratory journey above Lake Como just outside of Darby.


I stopped in at Red Barn Bikes to have Chad take a look at Betty. While he was rebuilding the pesky Fox front fork (these babies really need a lot of attention) he was giving me directions on some new single track prospects.


I was told Shannon Ridge had some great wildflowers and even much greater single track. So I headed up and started to meaner around. I found some great trails but most importantly found Shannon Ridge. Truly beautiful.


I also found some trails along some human built ditches, which I am still trying to figure out.  I also was able to find a route over to the Tin Cup drainage. The overlook was your usual Bitterroot fair with its jaw dropping vistas into a high country seemingly out of Alaska.


It was hard to resisting a “photo op” stop every 20 minutes or so. But these are the kinds of rides I love. And to add to it all I re-visited my excited anticipation to get home to take a look at the photos. I do kind of whish I had a better camera then the little point-and-shoot but then I would have to lug it around too.



There was no shortage of my favorite bike activity, long gradual climbs with great scenery. I am a big fan of dirt paths, jeep trails, and epic single track. Yes, riding them is great too, but the photo sparks some kind of inner passion.


I was even brought back to earlier times in my mountain biking life. Times in upstate New York and Vermont. Times spent with friends riding through white birch and jungle like terrain. At one time I thought I was on the backside of Camels Hump and Mount Ellen. And that is why I like these trips. Re-living good times while discovering something new.

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