Web Lodge Palaver

OMG, I just found a Google Map and it is happening everywhere [map].

Just like the game falling sands our sky is falling here in Missoula.  This morning I noticed that Sentinel was on fire and everyone is leaving town. I just got this photo this morning of the South Hills … Now I am getting scared.  What is going on? I did a search on the Internet (no news stations up here in Missoula, no power, nothing).

Mary Nunaley in Tennessee is blogging, “very odd driving to work today- overslept no power- no cars on street but seeing lots of power lines down & overturned cars in sumner … one of this cylinder objects is in the field of the college in gallatin, tn. Also see seems, plus smoke coming from them. looking now” ~http://twitter.com/maryn

Mack Reed in LA is reporting, “Griffith Park cylinder UNSCREWING. Deep ultraviolet light inside! TV crews all bitching about satellites being down/tape demagged. Can’t wait to bring photos home to upload. iPHone camera sucks at this distance.” ~http://twitter.com/MackReed

Ian Cory Drake from Jackson MS … “Heading into Madison, the other side looks like it did when katrina was gonna hit. Packed. A buddy of mine says Madison is packed with onlookers. Says the meteor is flaking apart. Gonna head that way for lunch.” ~http://twitter.com/idrake76

More later … going home to prepare … I think it is the Republicans trying to derail the election!

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