Preparations underway

2 Days and 12 hours away from the 2011 24 Hours of Round the Clock. This year I planned to peak and make this race a priority race, thus solo. Last year the solo winner was only two laps off Sten and I’s win with 20 laps. That is impressive. I sure hoped to run into that dude this year. But then life stepped in with it’s stressful job. The last month I have gone to work, endured some bad situations, and then biked home to stare at the wall for the rest of the night. I haven’t been sleeping. But all that is what it is. Stress. And stress is what forces change. And when the race is over I will get into the new change. For now however, its time to race.

In 1999 I participated in the  High Peaks Cyclery 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race at Mt. VanHovenbergh New York. It was much like now in that I had not been training before the race. But take my current situation and multiply it by 30. After many years of college and a weight of around 200 pounds I decided out of the blue to do a mountain bike race. Not just any mountain bike race but a 24 hour race. And after giving up cycling almost entirely to concentrate on keeping my grades up.

What ensued is one of the most intense battles of will throughout the night and into the next day. In the end I came out on top and my first solo effort against another solo rider woke me up to the new style of racing at the time. Staying up all night and never stop riding.

This weekend Norman will keep me on my bike and topped off with Carbo Rocket to try my hand at keeping a pretty fast pace for 24 hours.  I hope to have Norm post lap by lap accounts on my twitter feed and Facebook page as well so tune it.

Pete from Wild Joes Coffee Roasters is responsible for getting me into the race and I have the benefit to be able to have him there. He and Sten will be going for the 2 man team title.

Tomorrow I go to Hamilton to pick up Betty at Red Barn Bikes. Chad is tuning her up for the “madness”.  My new Turner will be the cornerstone of my attempt to salvage a good ride. The bike is such a sweet ride I am so excited to see what I can accomplish on it.

Of course Martha and her Action Wipes will be behind me all the way … haha.

So yea, I have not trained to perfection but I have good people behind me. And I have a great reputation of pulling something out of nowhere.

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