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Pre Grizzly Man Adventure Race

It’s snowing heavy outside right now and we are 5 hours away from dropping our gear off at the transition areas. I am sitting behind a tall cup of bean sauce and some sconage. Why not thumb out a little blog entry on the iPhone.

The “we” I am refering to is my friend Dave Chenault and I more commonly refered to as Team Dave and Bill or Team Bill and Dave. The team name is both simple and exact. We obtained the name by simply not choosing (or deciding) untill race organizers just decided for us. I like it.

The transition area being refered to is part of the Grizzly Man Adventure Race or GMAR. This race is a tasty little 12 hour scavenger hunt where you obtain as many checkpoints as possable while on foot, boat, and bike. With the current winter conditions we are expecting mostly foot. Finally I get a taste of what my friend Jill refers to as slogging. I am excited to get this chance to post hole through spring snow and demolish my legs and ankles.

Actuall I must get going now because the actual race may be 12 hours but in reality is more like 24. We will be on course pretty much from 3 pm today untill the end of the race at 5 pm tomorrow. At 7 tonight we get our maps and cordinates so that we can stay up all night planning and plotting our course. This is the part that is so appealing to me. It is up to us to plan our own attack and then be at the starting line at 5 am to execute it.

So thoughts on the upcomming race. Well, I have none. I’m to busy to have any. There are so many variables involved there is no time to sit down and contemplate anything. I am heading out right now to gather snow shoes, skis, survival gear, bikes, water craft, dry suits, Carbo Rocket, navigation equipment (did I say the only legal navigation will be map and compass), slog gear, and for some reason the required glow sticks.

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