Feeling like a penguin

The last one really hurt. Only 30 seconds long the high cadence sprint up the biggest pitch I could find in the South Hills seemed like a 20 minute time trail. It is hard to believe the ground you can cover going uphill in 30 seconds. In a race the same distance would of taken me like 40 seconds, maybe 50. I did 25 of them and the last one is where the stars came out and blackness started its accent onto my consciousness. One more and I really think I could of induced a blackout.

I have a lot of skill at appearing stupid. So as people gathered in their driveway to see how many climbs I would do it made me aware that I may be a penguin. I am always thinking that I appear stupid. But as I did climb after climb I thought that maybe I was like a penguin. Penguins do stupid things but it doesn’t necessarily make them stupid. Almost everything I do in life is penguin like.

Then I got so dizzy I toppled over backwards. As I lay in someone’s yard looking at the sky I thought about the penguin theory.

“Antarctic penguins are reputed to become disoriented by watching overflying aircraft. These tales insist that the birds get so dizzy that they topple over backwards. This makes penguins appear rather stupid, when in truth they are being very smart.

Penguins, like most animals, are counter-shaded, dark on the back, light below. When the penguins are swimming, avian predators have difficulty seeing them against the dark sea. Marine predators below tend to lose their white bellies when seen against the bright sky.

But when the penguins waddle across the white snow, the avian predators can spot them easily. Unless, of course, the penguins are clever enough to flop over on their backs exposing only their white tummies. Since they perceive aircraft as threats, they topple backwards intentionally. Pretty smart of them!”  ~Science Frontiers

Just before I got up to bike back to work a dozen or so alien aircraft hovered over Missoula. Next thing I know everyone around me was zapped. Little patches of black coals lined the roadways. Like little abandon camp fires. Everyone was dead but me. I guess since I was unzipped and laying on my back my white undershirt made me blend into the snow bank. Not so stupid after all. Am I?

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