The ride home was yucky. The morning snow had turned to slush. The cars on my extended commute took shots at splashing me and driving as close as they could get. With all that I enjoyed my ride home. It is the only workout I would get except for a regeneration routine I am about to do. It is a rest week and so I must practice the art of recovery. The art of recovery is much like regeneration.

Regeneration is a technique of helping speed recovery in much the same way as message. In fact it is a form of self message. I use tennis balls and rollers to message, roll out, and promote healing of my muscles.  With a recovery week one must promote the flow of life by doing things that normally I wouldn’t be able to do with a busy training schedule. Stimulate life’s other entities. With this extra supply of activity one can appreciate why a person does what they do.

I am taking this opportunity to reconnect with my laziness. I am lying around doing nothing. Watching TV, taking naps, and walking around in my undies. It is great to reconnect with ones laziness. In fact right at this moment I am watching a stupid Hollywood blockbuster type movie with the “Arnold” as a plane can be seen outside my window approaching the airport in the distance. Life is happening around me.

All these things are so much fun. Well not really … I don’t like watching life happen around me. I like to be the movie. I like to be the one happening to life. With this fresh perspective my mind stokes the burning fire.  Regeneration is paying off because I am feeling that fresh excitement to get out and race my bike.

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