Welcome Creek

Norman suggested it and I immediately thought it was a good idea.  When recreating by myself I rarely have great idea. But when I get together with friends we always come up one. The expedition included plans to hike up Welcome Creek Drainage.

So the next day we planned to meet at City Brew. I figured that I would arrive early to enjoy some scone therapy and check my emails. It was no surprise that I was running late. Every time I plan on getting somewhere early I end up late. My excuse … my knee was extra sore.

“Does anyone have a map? I don’t know. Maybe we should just do something closer like …”, Julie started.

“I was kind of expecting to see what Rock Creek was like in the winter”, I added, interrupting her mid sentence.

I do that a lot, interrupting, and have been trying to work on it. But this time it was strategic. I didn’t want to do something local. It was the weekend after all. So as we started out to our cars we all agreed that it would be cool to go out to Rock Creek.

After some “I forgot my …” running around town we were off and Rock Creek looked great. In fact I was thinking that I should come back the next day and ride. Soon enough those hopes were dashed as the plowed road became a two track jeep trail. In the summer the dirt road goes 30 miles to another highway at the end. Today though it was un-maintained. I expected it and withdrew my plans to bike the next day.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe

We found the trail but not too soon because even with Julie’s 4 wheel drive we were limited to just going forward. In fact the only turn around spot would be the Welcome Creek trailhead parking lot. We parked and headed up the trail.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
Rock Creek Bridge

Trail was different then when Marcy and I did it 6 years ago. 6 years ago we headed straight up the ridge and the trail petered out. What we didn’t know back then was that the trail runs North for a bit before turning Westward up the Welcome Creek drainage. Lydia and I started out with snow shoes but soon Lydia opted to take them off. I kept trudging on trying to find a comfortable style of walking so that my knee would stop feeling like a knife was being inserted into the knee cap.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
Making our way

“I am really liking my snow shoes and REALLY recommend them”, I said in a suggestive voice.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
A fight erupts .. kidding

The group agreed that it was time to put them on. Lydia was leading and kept falling through some crust and was starting to struggle. Each stop was a chance to chat and enjoy each others thoughts on various subjects. I found myself wanting to keep moving so would climb to a perch above the trail at times. I felt like a mountain lion stalking my prey.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
The group shoeing across the scree

It was an interesting hike and we turned around at about the 2 hour mark. On the way back I zoned out and kept a steady pace. I thought back to the last time I was out there but mostly something I will not blog about. This got me back to the car before everyone else so I was able to do some extra exploring to grab some photographs.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
Julie, Norman, and Lydia

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