On the streets in Lambert MT

I just got off the wire where I did an interview of a couple strays. If you need a good pup (or pups) give me a holler and I will get you in contact with them. You may have to drive across Montana to the East side to get them but maybe we can work something out.

Bill: So you are strays?
Pup: Well … yea, if that is what you call homeless.

Bill: So what should people know about you?
Pup: Well, we are lovable. We have never trained to pull sleds but it has been a personal dream of mine to be in the Iditarod Invitational. But first we need to find a place. Um … we know how to love too. You have to know our breed to understand.

Bill: How did you come to know my Aunt Paula?
Pup: Well as you know she is very kind. We were struggling through a blizzard and took refuge on her porch on cold evening. As you know it can get to 40 below here. Next thing we knew she was putting out nutrition and giving us some temporary shelter. It was so nice of her. I personally am in love with that lady.

Bill: How old are you?
Pup: well I am one year old and my dog friend is 9 months. Yea, I know robbing the doghouse but she is cute. I asked her out but she said I was more of a brother to her … bummer. Hate it when that happens.

Bill: So what do you want to come out of this interview.
Pup: Obviously … a home.

*Note: My uncle Dave will be coming to Billings at the end of this week.

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