Night of the Dirt Girls

I just woke up. It is dark and -10 degrees outside. Last night I must have finally had enough adventure and fallen asleep after work. While I rested the world seems to have moved on. I do remember a pretty awesome dream last night though.

I was all geared up for a extreme bike ride up to Miller Peak. I started to hear voices. “Bill … come … come hike with us Bill … Bill”

“what the?”

“Come to Cherry Street and hike with us Bill”

I recognized that voice but couldn’t quite place it. It wouldn’t hurt to swing by Cherry Street so I headed on over. My screw tires digging into the ice packed streets I spun over to the trail head. I arrived at Jumbo Mountain and saw a familiar figure getting out of her car. I waived and went  to lock up my bike. Lock up my bike? For what?

“I didn’t know we could bring boys”, one of the girls said with a hint of irritation. I started to wonder what I was doing here. But the voices, what about the voices.

“what, I was just … and a voice told me to come hike … “, I couldn’t explain so just stopped moving my mouth and shoveling air into the 5 degree night. I don’t know why I was there.  4 angelic figures approached me. It was the Dirt Girls a group of Missoula women mountain bikers. Never before has a “dude”  infiltrated the Dirt Girls. And now I was being surrounded by this Missoula entity.

The leader of the group explained that she had called me to join them. I suddenly realized I was about to hike with them. Frolicking with thee Dirt Girls, I must have died on some big bike ride and now I stood at the gates of Heaven. Hey I didn’t think there was a heaven.  But here I stood with angels of the night passing through a gate. Yep! I must have died.

We climbed into the heavens on the backbone of Jumbo Mountain. I tried to turn around a couple times but they just gestured for me to continue. I was being escorted to my other place beyond the world that I knew before “the event” that ended my life. I wondered what it was that killed me.  Was it the Dean Stone climb on Sunday that did me in? Was it the Blizzard going to Miller Peak on Monday? When we reached the top and I put away my thoughts when I felt one of the angels swooping up behind me. Surely they were angles because no one could hike so quietly and swiftly.

“You failed your mission on earth. You tried to find love in  a place where love does not exist”, one of them spoke. “Do you know with what I speak?”

“She hates me”

“And SHE … killed you. You have a choice now. You can go back, this does not have to end this way. There are others that care about you and you have let them down. You have taken chances and given nature a chance to devour you. Do you want to continue?”, the Dirt Girl explained.

“Do you know if I will ever find …”, I started.

“No, it is not our place to know these things. We are just a bunch of women who love mountain biking. It was you internal wish to be taken to heaven by us … when you left earth”

“No, no. I do not want it to end here. I do want to go back. I will allow the people who really care in. I “think” I have learned something here”

We hiked back down Jumbo and upon arrival to my bike I was suddenly feeling cold. I was feeling again. The entire trip up the mountain I was unaware of the cold sharp wind and extreme conditions. I stood at the trail head parking lot shivering, all alone, and cold. I jumped on my bike and rode to a friends house. I wanted to be around the very people that loved me. The very people that had to endure years of me disappearing into the woods to wonder if I would ever return.

A dream? Maybe, more like a message. In any case it is time for work and I must get to my emails. One catches my eye though and it is a friend. I quickly read it because I am almost late for work. They were worried about me last night…


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