Sorry everyone I will have to post a race report from last weekend on another day. Today it is important for me to remember something else.

My entire family and not many friends know about my 1 year stint with marriage. Back in 1987 I believe. It has been a long time, I have moved on, and forgotten most of it. I was just barely an adult legally but emotionally more like a child. Shit I WAS a child; and did childish things. The only reason I do remember this relationship is that every November 10th is a special day.

It was snowing heavily outside, a blizzard really. In fact I felt that when I called a cab in the middle of the night they would just laugh at me. But my wife Ronda and I made it to the hospital in Billings Montana and began a REAL long childbirth process. She did well and Melinda Kay Martin was born. I exited stage left by passed out cold due to not eating or sleeping for like 16 hours.

Within a years time there was a divorce and I tried like hell to win it all back. Didn’t work out. First there was visitation, then a weekly visit, to a monthly report, yearly update, and finally total disconnection. That’s the short ugly story but there is more to it. This is not the proper place for that because it takes away from my intentions to remember this special day.

I disclose this because I cant just say “Happy Birthday to my Daughter” without some explanation. Too many people would loose their jaw as it drops onto the floor. But I would like to say it. And I need to disclose some hidden things in order to move forward. After all this year I have learned to start opening up. And of course in case this post is discovered one day.

Happy birthday Mindy.

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