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Distant Peak

trapper“I’ll have the pumpkin”, I greeted the server at Big Dipper Ice Cream

“Oh that is good dipped in chocolate”, Julie added.

“Oh! OK! Yea, lets dip it”, I muttered.

“I’ll have the egg nog”, Julie added.

We sat and discussed plans for Saturday and some current events.  Then we dispersed and I went grocery shopping.

I pulled into my driveway and got out of the car. I went around the car to get my groceries. I was stopped in my tracks as I faced north towards a ever so faint outline of a snowy peak in the distance.  Above it, smiling at me, was the big dipper.  I looked away as soon as it came into focus. My phone was ringing. 

It was a lengthy discussion. Some key words were love, hate, sorry, disappointed, relationship, friends, and time. The conversation ended after midnight but it was still too short for the things I needed to say. I heard things that made me feel good, that re-opened some closed doors. The call ended just as it begun, rather abruptly. I didn’t get a chance to say something and looked at the phone with disappointment. I grabbed my bags of groceries and headed inside.

“I miss you”, I whispered into the frosty evening air as I looked up at where the big dipper was.  It was gone, seemingly had vanished. My words floated out in a misty cloud and dispersed into the darkness.

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