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I love Missoula for various reasons. I didn’t realize how much I loved Missoula until a good friend listed the things that made her fall in love with this unique place. As I read it I was struck by the accuracy it had in my own experience upon arriving in this valley. Specially when I read about the ride after ride with beautiful sunsets.  Yea! I love it here.

Lately for the last couple months I have been pulled by my heart in various ways. Mostly towards the West and more specifically Seattle. I believe where you live is such a big deal. You become a part of your surroundings and they you. You become a part of the landscape. You become friends with others that are just like you. For me it is so important to be where you need to be. So important that I will look into the sunset, over the horizon towards Seattle and say, “Nice Sunset”.  And that is it.

I lived in a city once and my good friend Paul used to say that I was slowly dying. My move to Missoula healed me. And right now I have some healing to do but I suspect Missoula will be there for me as it was before.

Tonight is the Missoula Thursday Night Ride so I will strap on my night lights and hit the trail. I will be right where I am supposed to be.

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