Jumbo Pains

Today I visit my bank. It is not planned but due to an online business called Quicken Online I am left without a personal finance solution. I don’t have much, maybe $23.45, but I do have bills and all the things modern society forces upon us. I have to see where things are coming and going. Quicken Online was great because it worked with my iPhone but recently they have decided to shut down the service.

I spent the entire day yesterday (when I wasn’t working, eating, and wondering around aimlessly) trying to get another solution running. So now I have to go into my bank at lunch and request some kind of access credentials. What crap. I remember the day when a new computer came with MS Money and it just worked seamlessly with your bank. Now it is complex.

I woke up from the couch last evening realizing that I had a mental breakdown pass out and fall asleep episode. The first thought was to do a relaxing ride with a few little sprints to air out my physical being. I decided upon Jumbo Saddle and then over to Kim Williams. A nice little 1:20 jaunt.

It was nice to finally get out and hit the trails. Soon the stressful day melted away and I found the earth to be embracing me with its warm afternoon sun.

Riding on my old bike the “Leader” I found the evening sun was lighting up the landscape in such a way that I found it very healing and it rejuvenated me enough to pull out my camera a snap off a couple beauties.

Today is Missoula Thursday Night Ride. Who is going? see you at Maurice and South around 6…o/o

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