Sanity Versus Performance

2010_07_06_pattee_rideA balance between sanity and performance has to be struck. I just put on my Yerba Mate to brew and until I get that energy from the magical juice of exotica I cant strike anything let alone any real constructive thoughts. Lately it seems like I have been recovering from a concussion rather then a 24 hour bike race. The thought process is just not sharp and sanity takes a hit.

So yesterday I was mostly striking against the trails in Patte Canyon trying to feel a little performance. My fitness has come around and I feel ready to train again but I just didn’t feel comfortable on the bike and it seemed to struggle underneath me. I forced it to carry me along the paths. My form was just not there but I know it will come along.

It was nice to get out into the sun shine for once and gain a little sanity. The trails were finally dry and there were tons of people wondering about as if the sun and warm weather were something new. Everyone is delirious still after a spring of wet cold weather.

I did manage to come across the Dirt Girls frolicking in the woods. It is always nice to encounter a gang of females on mountain bikes in the woods. To some a fantasy but in Missoula it is normal. Yea, performance goes right out the window and sanity comes back into play. It was nice to see Lydia (skootch) leading the group though. She looked good in the leadership role.

Something didn’t feel right as I neared the end of my ride. Usually I find myself taking photos. Last night it seemed to be all about struggling to perform. Frustration overcame the desire to be creative which is a part of my sanctity.


I forced a photo by stopping at the edge of town and snapping off a evening scene.

Sanity did make a comeback as I quickly turned from training hard for the Butte 100 to a couch potato. I made some real tasty elk nachos and plopped down to watch a show on PBS called “Carriers”. I get so sucked into those history shows. So sanity took precedence over performance.

Now I wait for the Mate to take it’s hold and fear a encounter on the body composition device to see that eating like a pig before bedtime is not recommended for performance.

Today I am hoping my performance comes back and along with it a less scattered brain.  Good form is such an integral part of having a mentally good ride. But if that is not to be so then maybe a performance overload will bring it all back. Today is a Lynda W. patented double workout day. I got a hour in the pain lab doing core at lunch and then a 2 hour ride after work in which I will do a session of multiple 3 minute all out hill repeats. Yay!

Damn you Butte 100, I want my sanity back.

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