Sitting here, warm now, wondering if I made a bad decision to Move to Missoula Montana. We have not had summer yet. We do get sunny days but they last a couple days at the most. Last night as I returned from my ride I was drenched again and that in itself is only part of the frustration. It has been so cold out that our bodies are starting to act like its winter.

The water I have boiling for my tea is just about boiled away but I am not concerned because I already fixed myself up with a Bengal Spice with almond milk. I left the remainder water to boil so as to give off some heat in the form of steam. My apartment tends to remain cold and with winter raging outside I am feeling cold and in need of a warm cocoon.

I think to tonight and the Missoula Thursday Night Ride. Will it be worth going out to Blue Mountain at 6? Is it going to continue to rain? How cold will it be? Should I prepare for hypothermia?

My new shoes and many clothing items remain wet as they have for the entire spring/winter/spring/winter. Everything is molding and the sun refuses to remain out long enough to dry us out.

My thoughts flee to another frustration, being without money. I missed last weekends race in Boise a 8 Hour Endurance Event. Its one thing to miss cross country races but to start skipping what I love to do, endurance racing; is a heart and soul breaking shame. It is tough to think that I only have three races left this year (ones that have been paid for) and it is not even summer yet. Not liking this situation and pushing my thoughts to making some changes after this season.

I will probably go out to Blue tonight but my attitude has been left behind in the memories of better times when the sun used to shine and the trails used to be dry. Then there is working on the equipment all night

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