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Barking Spider 2010

The Trip – Day 1

I took a half day off work so that my accomplice and I could get a good start on a trip to Boise Idaho. I went through the usually Friday follies at work. You know what I mean. The boss pulls you aside and says drop what you are doing I need something done now. So you drop everything and step into their office. “I need you to implement a stock control system into a commerce web site”, says the dude in charge. You look at the clock and it’s 2.5 hours until the time when you were “scheduled” to be leaving for the day. I glossed over.

I basically gave up and decided to go outside and stand by my car. “Fire me, I don’t care” was the motto. My buddy Ross showed up and plucked me from the situation and we drove to our launch pad to begin our trip. The bike rack he had ordered had not come so we stuffed my bike into the back of the car and we headed for the land of single track and sunshine … or at least we thought so.

IT was a great trip down route 12 and then 95. I decided that the twisty roads were just to stimulating to my appetite and reached in the back for some smoked fish. I wrestled with a container as my friend drove around numerous corners in the highway. Varooom, zooom. Suddenly the world started to spin and I sat back down in my seat. I had just made myself car sick.

I nearly blew chunks so I took over the driving duties to try and get my mind from spinning around and around. I started to settle down just in time for the Harpster Grade Road up to Grangeville. Our first official pit stop was in Grangeville. Finally my stomach was back into shape and I could start “socially eating”.

We were having a blast and suddenly we were in McCall. The excitement was building as we looked for our old haunt a sandwich shop just on the south side of town. We finally reached it and it was out of business. Bummer! Down the road we went. We made an agreement to look for a burger joint to supplement the trip with some taste bud festivities. I think we were forgetting we had a big race the next morning and just got caught up in the vacation. A place called “BUffalo Gal” came into view and we took the opportunity to check it out. The town was Donnely.

Turns out it was a sushi restaurant and while my pal was a little concerned I jumped at the opportunity to “eat right” before the race. I would get some good quality protein. So we ordered. 1 bacon cheese burger and a “Snapper”. The order came and my “snapper” turned out to be deep fried fish … doh! I need to ask questions next time I guess.

We found our originally planned camping spot but it was buried under about three feet of snow so we made the decision to go ALL – THE – WAY.

A couple pod casts later we arrived at the venue right at ten or so. Pitched a tent and settled in for a long winters nap. I say winter because I woke up and couldn’t feel my legs. I wanted to see what the temperature was so I turned on my GPS and waited. Shivering in my tent it read 32 degrees and since there was no one around to hear me whimper I posted a tweet.

“sooo cold. Toes are numb and I cant sleep. 32 degrees inside bag. Brrrr”

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