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Barking Spider 2010

Riggs Idaho Homeward Bound – Day 3

At first glance I was a healthy racer type standing at the food table munching on salsa and chips while chatting with friends. Underneath the “kit” I was a hurting 44 year old. When I went to get dressed for our post ride get together at a local Mexican restaurant I found numerous wounds and picked on out for display. I went to my fellow race mates and posted forth my injury. The usual oh and aahs with a “that’s got to hurt” thrown in was coming from my admirers.

While I was attending my plan of attack on my injuries Ross was thinking it might be best to find a more comfortable place of rest. After I finally washed out my scrapes with Action Wipes we rolled into Riggs Idaho and found a fisherman’s motel for cheap. It sure was nice to take a hot shower and rest the weary bones in a bed.

Riggs Idaho The next morning I was up with the birds and went for a walk down by the river. I got some photo and while doing so managed to fall down the bank and almost into the drink. This did not feel good at all. Hmmm, wonder what is in store for today. I was thinking the plan might be to jet home so I could go on a big ride but I was up for anything.

I am hard up for time now and must get ready for the Grizzlyman Adventure Race so I will leave you with that. No! The story is not over and might be best to just post a video and collect guesses on what the hell we did next. Stay tuned.

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