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Barking Spiders

Today at noon I head out for Barking Spider much to the laughter of my Aunt Paula. That’s what we call uncle Dave’s farts. All that aside it is a fun little course.

Last night I was able to go on the Thursday Night Ride but to the dismay of everyone I proceeded to smash my bike with my foot and have a complete mental breakdown. I creased the top tube of my Leader and it was on purpose.

I did this after meditating the problems I have experienced with mechanicals out of my mind. When things were just mellowing out my front tire sprung a leak.

I kicked my bike and listed all the things that are f’ed up with Missoula. Cant make a decent living, waist of a good education, cant even feed myself, and on and so forth. I really blew a gasket. Usually I will blow a good one while I am out in the woods so I can scream and yell.

I am now officially 3 hours away from leaving town and I am pushing out of my mind that my bike is being held together with zip ties and JB weld. Who cares … I am going camping and traveling. A break from the brain drain Missoula.

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